Project C03.2018: Condition Assessment of Corroded Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

Condition Assessment of Corroded Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

Project C3.2018

Project Summary

The problem we are trying to solve is the condition assessment of corroded prestressed concrete (PC) bridge girders in New England. The problem is important because that PC bridge girders are a critical component of highway bridges. Concrete spalling and prestressing strand corrosion not only cause losses in prestress but also lead to premature failures of PC bridges. We propose to 1) conduct multiphysical field inspection (using 3D photogrammetry, radar, impact-echo, and ultrasound) and to 2) develop an integrated assessment framework for predicting the level of structural damage and prestress losses for PC bridge girders.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tzuyang Yu


University of Massachusetts Lowell
Western New England University

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, University Transportation Centers Program, Department of Transportation, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Western New England University

Implementation of Research Outcomes:

We have developed a method to control the level of steel rebar corrosion
inside reinforced concrete cylinder specimens in order to subject them to a
pull-out test.

Impacts and Benefits of Implementation:

This project is in its research phase. Impacts and benefits of the research will be reported after the implementation phase.

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