Project 2.20: Efficiency of Fiber Reinforcement in Ultra-high Performance Concrete

Efficiency of Fiber Reinforcement in Ultra-high Performance Concrete


Project Summary

The proposed research aims at investigating the efficiency of fiber reinforcement in ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) mixtures. This proposed research is a necessary step for the successful completion of the development of non-proprietary UHPC mixtures. Since fiber reinforcement is the most expensive part of the UHPC, investigating their efficiency is critical for the cost-performance of the material. Research emphasis will be placed on collaborating with various fiber material supplies, testing & studying the concretes’ mechanical and durability behavior, as well as developing a guidance for an efficient use of fiber reinforcement.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kay Wille


University of Connecticut

Project Status


Project Cost


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Project Type

Base -funded

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, University Transportation Centers Program, Department of Transportation, University of Connecticut

Implementation of Research Outcomes:

This project is in its initial research phase. Implementation of research outcomes will be reported upon completion of the research outputs.

Impacts and Benefits of Implementation:

This project is in its research phase. Impacts and benefits of the research will be reported after the implementation phase.

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