Project 2.14: Implementation of UHPC Technology into the New England Construction Industry

Implementation of UHPC Technology into the New England Construction Industry

Project 2.14

Project Summary

The proposed research aims at the development and implementation of cost effective non-proprietary high and ultrahigh performance concrete (UHPC) mix designs. Research emphasis is being placed on testing and analysis of durability properties of promising UHPC mixtures, as well as testing large scale mixing in collaboration with industry partners in the field. Knowledge transfer, educating personnel and quality control will be vital parts in this project to make this challenging task a success. Upon success, this project will provide a great opportunity to enhance the sustainability and longevity of our bridge infrastructure.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kay Wille


Dr. Ramesh Malla


University of Connecticut

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, University Transportation Centers Program, Department of Transportation, University of Connecticut.

Implementation of Research Outcomes:

This project is in its initial research phase. Implementation of research outcomes will be reported upon completion of the research outputs.

Impacts and Benefits of Implementation:

This project is in its research phase. Impacts and benefits of the research will be reported after the implementation phase.

Printable Project Information Sheet

December 2021 Quarterly Progress Report

March 2022 Quarterly Progress Report

June 2022 Quarterly Progress Report

September 2022 Quarterly Progress Report