Project 1.08: Enhancing Intelligent Compaction with Passive Wireless Sensors

Enhancing Intelligent Compaction with Passive Wireless Sensors

Project 1.8

Project Summary

To ensure long lasting performance of pavement materials and avoid significant maintenance and rehabilitation costs, it is necessary to achieve high quality and uniformly compacted materials. In this project, we aim to improve the IC performance and facilitate the process of geomaterial compaction and pavement performance monitoring by (i) integration of passive sensing system with IC, and (ii) potential utilization of IC measurements as a function of vibration amplitude and frequency in the control system, with the goal of optimizing the compaction process. This can potentially improve performance of pavement and reduce maintenance and rehabilitation costs.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ehsan Ghazanfari


Dr. Hamid Ossareh


University of Vermont

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, University Transportation Centers Program, Department of Transportation
University of Vermont
Vermont Agency of Transportation

Implementation of Research Outcomes:

Implementation of outcomes of the research has yet to be realized upon the recent completion of the work.

Impacts and Benefits of Implementation:

Impacts and benefits of the research have yet to be realized upon the recent completion of the work.

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